– Acoustic guitar test by Marc Lonchampt

The video test with Marc Lonchampt! The results obtained with this microphone are more than positive for their fidelity to the acoustic characteristics of the instrument. I could check its resistance to feedback by positioning the guitar facing the amp, nothing, it is nickel !Compared to all the piezo-based systems, micro-aerial mounted in the instrument's body or magnetic microphones, the [...]

Alex De Vree

"Simply the best acoustic sound ever !" Alex De VreeAlex De Vree use the MK ONE + CJ (inside J48C) Inside the guitar, under the bridge, treble side. voiceWith voice"Kindhearted" with voice

Kopo Guitares

Fred Kopo installed some ISCHELL systems on several of his guitars but also on yours if you ask him...! acoustic bass model presents developments arising from my research on the acoustic guitar steel strings or nylon, dam prestressed range, double vent. It is equipped with an electro-acoustic system I've chosen for its high acoustic fidelity, the inside J48C, the contact mic of [...]

Julien Gendre Luthier

Julien Gendre installs some of his guitars with Ischell systems like this beautiful Parlor format, called Lady Normandy :http://www.juliengendre.comSystème MSK2 + ACJ (2X48 + ACJ)

Jean-Yves Alquier

Jean-Yves Alquier use the inside J48C  in one of his guitars concepts presented in the "salon de la guitare de Montreal 2011;" The microphone on my 7 string nylon proto contrapunctus XV works great !..." Jean Yves ALQUIER An article present his guitars at the show in montreal on laguitare.comBelow, a guitar quite exceptional presented at The Holy Grail Guitar Show of Berlin 2014Système MSK2 [...]

Patrice BLANC

Patrice Blanc Luthier adopts ISCHELL systems "For 30 years and the birth of the electro-acoustic guitar, I asked just about everything that exists in all brands in each time having to search the impression" least worst ". When I plugged the ISCHELL, my very first thought that accompanied the first notes was that we wanted to last the microphone as we [...]


"I've just bought the pack 2X48 + AAPJ for my old Ovation Anniversary and Country-Artist. I do my 3rd all-acoustic album and I must say that the addition of the piezo through a treatment Aphex + the ISCHELL system is terrible and very practical for someone like me who moves a lot. Eager to use it on stage but in my [...]


" I tried out the Ischell aerial microphone with my flamenco guitar. Finally, I bought three of them ! I chose an aerial mic for the flamenco guitar, a contact microphone for the Oud and one also for the Viola Caipira (hilbilly guitar), which is a brazilian guitar with 10 metal strings. The transparency of the system is what foremost strikes [...]