François Pernel

Celtique Harp SALVI Donegal. Microphone Systems ISCHELL Acoustic MSK2 + ACPJ (2X48AC)

“I could use the system Ischell MSK2 ACPJ on stage and in studio. On stage, the contact microphone allows for an acoustic sound with exceptional fidelity, which can be sent to the return line to high level without feedback problems. The advantages of a pick up, with the sound quality of a condenser microphone. Restitution of medium and bass is impressive velvety warmth, while preserving amazing precision, a “flavor” that can not live without.
In the studio I realized my last recording only from the system ACPJ MSK2 and the resulting sound is simply beyond my expectations.”
François Pernel
No transformation of sound. The sound is separated, one on each side.
Title : Musical Priest. traditional Irish, arrangement François PERNEL

Title : Printemps de François PERNEL

Title : L9-994 de François PERNEL

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